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Vrujci Spa is located in Valjevska Podgorina, in the northern foothills of the mountains and Suvobor and Maljen, situated in the valley of the river spa, the right tributary of the Kolubara, on the road between Mionica and Ljig. With the elevation of 179 to 252 m among the lowest in the spa Serbia.

It is famous for its healing properties. Traces of material culture and national tradition indicate that the surrounding area of Banja Vrujci has been settled. From the time the existence of dates vrujci ''wild'' spa, which lasted until 1935. , when the Banja Vrujci turned into the national health resort. The Spa flowing river Upper Spa, so named because the midst of the largest winter lady and not of heat.

Spa is located six sources of mineral water and medicinal mud. Mineral water is slightly radioactive, temperature 26 to 27oC. Medicinal properties widely known Vrujci thermal water, as well as Vrujci spa mud very specific for this part of Serbia, used as a therapeutic tool for curing:

rheumatism, gynecological diseases, anemia, stone in the kidney and urinary ways, skin diseases (some types of eczema), speed  wounds and rinsing eyes.

In the spa you can get the full treatment and relaxation treatment: Jacuzzi, hydromassage, a sauna and massage a specialist.


Surrounding area of Banja Vrujci is very interesting in the immediate environment are the beautiful, important and life-places:

1. Ribnicka pecina Ribnica cave
2. Struganik - Gender house of Vojvoda Zivojin Misica
3. Monasteries Celije, Lelic and Bogovadja
4. Ravna Gora, Divcibare, Rajac, Valjevo